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Where is the Run command box in Windows 8?

Question:   Where is the run command box in Windows 8?

Short answer:   If your keyboard has a Windows key, press on that key and also the R key.   The Run window will pop up.

Longer answer:   Tony John has a very informative web page on this topic which covers this and other ways to get to the command box in Window 8.    Tony John's page here.

For example, if you are on the Start window, just start typing RUN and the search box will pop up with RUN in it.

For more info on Windows 8 see the blog entry:    Review of Windows 8

For more Questions and Answers about Windows 8:   Windows 8 FAQ




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  1. Why is Microsoft’s definition of progress to hide the things we find useful and very often to replace them with things we can’t find?

  2. This is the finest answer to the question, fine work. Thanks dear.

  3. You are a Gem ! Thank You !

  4. your awesome. thank you. ive been looking for ms config since I got windows 8. Again thank you.

  5. i use windows 8 before it worked when ever i gave any comand but now its not working when i give any paths name nothnig happens plz help me out

    • Hi Lara. I am sorry to hear that you are having trouble. Your description is so general that I cannot help you. You need a local IT professional to help you out. If you live in the Boston, MA area then let me know, otherwise you need to find someone locally to help you.

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