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Customer Testimonials

"His dedication and timing we can always rely on."

John Sambucci
Kliman Law, Newton MA

"Woodcliffe IT, Inc. has provided prompt professional IT support and services to Microbiotix, Inc. for almost a decade. As a satisfied client, I recommend them with the highest level of enthusiasm."

Terry Bowlin, Ph.D.
CEO Microbiotix, Inc.

"For about the past five years Richard Ozer and Woodcliffe IT have been the main source of support for the computers and systems vital to operating my investment management business. During that time I've come to very much value this service for its technical expertise, promptness of response, co0operative focus on effective IT cost management, and a general cordial/professional relationship."

Paul E. Guilmette
Guilmette & Co., Inc. Framingham MA

"I haven't called you in a year because you did such a good job last time you were here that everything has been working great!"

Richard C.

"Richard is a skilled and effective IT support for my ... small business networks. He's also completely reliable and a pleasure to work with. I recommend him highly."

John Lehmann, MD
Lehmann Thomas, LLC

"Richard Ozer will be celebrating his one year anniversary with Microbiotix soon. He has been a pleasure to work with and has be able to get the job completed for Microbiotix in an efficient and timely matter. I must say that Richard has been there for us even when he was on vacation. I would highly recommend Richard to any potential new customer."

Mary Kittredge
Administrative Assistant
Microbiotix, Inc.

"Richard Ozer's Woodcliffe IT helped fill a distinct need we had at CytRx Labs for a part time IT person for a laboratory based company of ~15 people and numerous instruments connected to PC based controlling computers. He is an able expert to maintain common Windows based IT and unhesitant to help with the more unusual (such as LINUX or Oracle). Without reservations, I recommend Richard's services for any office or laboratory IT needs."

Dennis Sprous
Ph.D, Senior Principle Investigator
CytrxLabs, Inc.

"Richard knows his business and does quality work. He installed our new network system and quickly had it up and running. We continue to rely on him for counsel in our network and computer decisions."

Dwight Harshbarger, Ph.D.
Executive Director
Cambridge Center for Behavioral Studies