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Levels of Managed Service

We know different businesses want different levels of service so we have created the following tailored solutions to meet your needs:

“I Just Need Help Sometimes” level: 

If your company has some in-house IT expertise, you may be looking for someone to call when the need arises. Woodcliffe IT can provide top notch professional help when you want it at an hourly rate.

“Virtual IT Staff” level:

Woodcliffe IT partners with you to take care of your IT needs. At this level you move away from crisis management to scheduled managed service and crisis avoidance. The amount of care you get depends on your budget and needs.  We work with you to determine an appropriate number of hours needed per month and budgets for phone support and high-priority emergency support.

Woodcliffe IT offers an ascending range of Managed Service options, for example:

  • Daily automatic checkups on the computers and servers you choose.  Any problems are sent by e-mail to you and to Woodcliffe IT.
  • 24/7 automatic, remote monitoring of computers and servers you choose.  Testing is done every 15 minutes and any problems are reported to Woodcliffe IT and you.

"No Worries, No Surprises" level:

For a fixed monthly fee Woodcliffe IT will provide full Managed IT Service. All your IT needs are met (optionally including equipment leasing); server, network and workstation support, software support, automatic daily and 24/7 preemptive monitoring. We take care of all your needs and your bill never changes. Do you really want to waste time worrying about IT?

Flexibility in Service:

Our customers are all different. Each company wants different levels of control and support. Our primary task in working with customers is to 'listen'. We tailor our service to your needs and budget.