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Server Standard Maintenance

Servers are the heart of most business networks. They hold all the imporant data (file servers) and optionally support your crucial e-mail (Exchange Servers) and propriatary business applications. Part of Woodcliffe IT's monthly service is our multi-point Server Standard Maintenance procedures to find problems before they occur.

Server Maintenance Tasks

  • Clean out temporary files on the hard disk.
  • Check disk space usage for problems.
  • Update Antivirus and Anti-Spyware software - make sure they automatically run.
  • Check backup of system state
  • Check that all scheduled tasks are running correctly
  • Check local daily backup to extrnal hard disk
  • Check daily web based backup
  • Check that user's local data (desktop, documents, e-mail) are being backed up daily
  • Check e-mail mailboxes
  • Check event logs for System, Application, Security, Internet Explorer, DNS, and other errors.
  • Check surge protectors and UPS systems
  • Check weekly imaging of entire hard drive

Exchange Server Maintenance Tasks

  • Check mailbox sizes
  • Check disk usage
  • Check for circular logging
  • Check weekly backup of e-mail
  • Check e-mail in and out queues
  • Check connector status
  • Check administrative e-mail and clear out
  • Monitor Bad Mail folder
  • Monitor required services to support Exchange